Blogpost: End of year 2017

As most of you know Estafette Studios only started out in october of 2017, which means we are in business for about three months now. We are very grateful for all the support and love we have received in those three months! Therefore, we took a moment to write out a bit more about why we started the brand, how we have experienced the last months and what we plan on doing in 2018.


Why we started Estafette

We (Rutger and Martijn) always have loved streetwear/lifestyle brands growing up. Over the years we have watched numerous dutch labels start out, take off and become immensely popular. Inspired by some of these brands, but having no real background in fashion design, we wondered if we could also come up with some interesting prints to put on clothes. So that’s what we started doing in our spare time from work. We wanted to create something clean and simple, but at the same didn’t want to create a brand that takes itself too seriously. In a way, the ticket series tees and hoodies have portrayed that image really well.


What happened in 2017…

What happened was that we sold a bunch of stuff! We really can’t thank you guys enough for the support you have been giving us. There have been a lot of people helping us, like brick and mortar store FEE, some really cool guys and girls on instagram and of course you guys, buying the tees and hoodies.


Our plans for 2018

There will be more! We have been saving some funds to come at you in 2018 with a more complete Spring/Summer collection. Don’t just expect one print on a hoodie and a tee, expect accesoires, more types of garments, better quality stuff and also more prints! We will be using january and february to get everything into place, so expect the first teasers to be dropping in february/march.

We realize the power of stores and influencers helping us get our brand out there. We will be more actively trying to get stores to stock Estafette Studios. Same thing goes for influencers. Here, we really need your help. If you know people that can help us get our name out there, please send us an e-mail (


Once again, a big thank you for a wonderful start of Estafette Studios in 2017. We will continue to bring you fun stuff in 2018!



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